- Fully managed Health SEO, GoogleNews, PR - Gold Plan

2nd Sep 2021

For 10 Grand A Month you can use for SEO - Here is what they are offering:

Fully managed monthly SEO, GoogleNews and digital PR writing and distribution Gold Plan for the Health industry.

Suitable for sensitive industries in medical/pharma and all other lawful business activities that needs to be promoted to a global audience.

A total of 23 high quality pitch articles spread across 12 or more media properties

Combined web traffic of the above sites exceeds 8 Million visitors / month

$10,000.00 / month

The next paragraph reads:

This accelerated monthly SEO, GoogleNews and digital PR distribution package will ensure your business receives the highest possible online visibility. Suitable for new product releases and the promotion of existing lines, B2B and B2C audiences combined. It manages SEO, referral traffic and public opinion, along with brand reputation. 

It seems like they are going to do press release distribution, and we have experience with putting press releases out across hundreds of websites and we can do this for your business for far less than ten grand. We also are #1 on google for "Orlando SEO" our clients are top of Google for keywords that they need to be on top of google for. That is what we do, and we charge less than ten grand. Contact us if you are interested in working with the best in SEO.