Is Website Load Speed For SEO a Myth? India SEO Spam - Reach Local SEO Sales Pitches Why Not Ranking

29th Aug 2021

Today we are breaking down a couple of things in this video. We constantly get spammed with SEO from our contact forms about what these spam companies can do for our SEO. It's mainly SEO spam from India companies that are finding non-captcha contact forms and sending this spam. They hit you with all these things that are wrong with your website and how they can help. Listen to our video about some of the myths about ranking, and do not get me wrong, you do need certain stuff, but a lot of this is to make you feel vulnerable and get your money. Once they have your money, they will keep giving you excuses and probably never speed up your website. It will be one excuse after another, and you need to convert your website to WordPress or something and do this, which will cost more. Reason scam companies love the SEO field; it's the only place you don't see results for months, but you are paying monthly. Waiting...Waiting.......So many company owners hate and don't trust SEO companies because of these spam/scam companies. Even huge companies like Reach Local have sales guys that do not know anything about SEO; they just sell it. They do the same tactics and will hit you with what you need, and if they want to fix it, how much more it will cost. The bottom line is to take a look at us....we get spam from these companies; according to them, our website sucks. Yet, I went after the #1 term I wanted...."Orlando SEO" that is all I wanted, and I'm #1 - even with the slow site, all these errors. Give me a break. If you want real help with SEO, go to the Google results of keywords and look at the first organic result. No pay-per-click, no ads, no map....The actual organic #1 is the website that google says is the best! Go with them! That's us for "Orlando SEO," and that's all we want.

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