SobeViral behind the DFY Agency - Done For Your Online Agency Joel Kaplan Scam

25th Aug 2021

Facebook ads keep popping up with this done for your agency and the pyramid scheme testimonials saying they scaled their business. Listen, if these people had some secret sauce to scale, they would not be selling it and using it to make themselves rich. The fact is they are taking advantage of your vulnerability because you think you can be an entrepreneur, but you are not successful, so they will coach or teach you how they did it. The fact is they get paid to give you tools you already know, and you don't get much in return. Done for you does not happen - they will not go out and get you leads and clients; you only get access to some bunk tools, and they will blame it on your level of effort if you succeed or not. You will succeed if you have effort in anything; you don't need to pay thousands upfront to these clowns to scale your business allegedly. 

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