Hozio SEO Company Long Island Review Dentist SEO Client 8 Years Not on First Page of Google!

28th Aug 2021


I came across Hozio.com; they are running Facebook ads about companies spending tons of money on homeadvisor.com or Angi.com and other companies only to have spent a ton of money for the lead, and five other companies got the same information. Hozio is right that it is a bunk business, but many older people do not trust small business companies want to make sure they are licensed and insured and all that stuff. It's peace of mind, and many older people have no clue what SEO is and why the top search results organically are the best because Google is telling the consumer that the top results that are not paid ads are the best informative websites based on your google search.

Look, I'm not here to bash on Hozio.com, but I am here to state facts, and the truth of the matter is that in this video, I break down an eight-year client of Hozio.com who allegedly is an excellent SEO company. They do have some knowledge of SEO, and you can see with the pages the build-out for the particular keywords and provide good content there; that is all well and good. They also are #5 when you search "long island SEO," which is pretty good; of course, we are #1 when you search "Orlando SEO," you want the top dog. So, we break down this dentist that has been with the company for eight years. The main keyword for this dentist would be the city they practice, and the word dentist "WAPPINGERS FALLS DENTIST" is the keyword I would be working on and constantly backlinking and hitting. That's the main keyword, all these other keywords with low search volume are great, and leads may trickle in here and there, but the truth is if you are ranking top for the main keyword, all those others will fall align.

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