Beware the Image Scam going around the internet saying you have copyrighted images on your website

30th Mar 2022
image scam

I had a client fall for this and pay a scam artist posing as a legal team, saying some of your website's images are copyright. This is a scam, and some people don't want to be threatened with lawsuits and pay it; it is ridiculous. First of all, the person seeking damages says it could be 100's of thousands which is stupid. No way you can prove damages, and you profited from an image. Even if they file a lawsuit, the judge would immediately throw this away and cost more in lawyer fees to even deal with it. My recommendation is to ignore it until you get sued. You probably will never get sued; it costs them more money to file a lawsuit - these are scumbags looking for a quick buck, much like the renewal domain letter they send out trying to get you to pay more to renew your domain.